The Caveman and Cavewoman



The aim of this course is to teach you the skills needed to survive and thrive in the wilderness and woodlands. You will learn about knife saws and cutting techniques, shelter building, fire lighting, fish filleting and cooking (may be trout or salmon) along with knife law.

This course is based around the “explain, demonstrate, imitate, practice” technique which means you will get hands on experience as well as theoretical explanations. The instructors will be with you every step to help during the practical stages.

  • Course: Weekend Bushcraft Skills – The Caveman and Cavewoman Wilderness Skills Training
  • Venue: Zeals Bunkers, Wiltshire
  • Times: Sunday 1400 – 1600, timings will be confirmed in arrival information which is available once booked.

Book an individual space on a course. You will be attending with others who have booked on the course. Children 10 years and above may be dropped off and collected after the course. Any child under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Have a group of up to 20 people? Drop us a message using THIS form or email [email protected]

Additional information


The course runs on Sunday Afternoon, exact timings will be contained within the Joining Instructions.

Kit List

Suitable outdoor clothing (see below)
Knife, fork, spoon, mug, bowl or plate
Water bottle (1 litre mineral water bottle will do)
Pair of gardening gloves or similar for shelter building (if applicable)
Personal toiletries & medication (to include toilet paper, sunscreen, insect repellent and lip salve)
Antibacterial wipes or hand gel – Please do not forget this, it is very important!
Tea or Coffee + whitener (3 in ones are easier)
Small first aid kit (simple plasters, bandages, headache pills etc)
Spare change of clothing (Please bring at least a spare pair of trousers/top, it is rubbish if you are wet all day)
Camera + Notebook + pen (optional)
Suitable rucksack to carry all your equipment/kit
Sense of humour and lots of smiles

PLEASE DO NOT BRING AXES, MACHETES, PARANGS etc. You will be asked to leave them in your car or at the entrance to the Bunker Bushcraft School

Outdoor clothing

Outdoor clothing should be tough and comfortable. When it is climatic weather, wearing several thin layers is better than a few thick layers. A waterproof jacket and several sweatshirts underneath are sufficient. Jeans should not be worn, as they are slow to dry, clinging and cold. Natural colours or camouflage will give you a better chance of spotting wildlife. Walking boots are ideal, but wellies in wet weather and trainers in dry weather will suffice.

Please pack your water, antibacterial wipes/soap and insect repellent at the top of your bag.
Alcohol is not permitted on any course.

If you are dropping your children at the school, you must ensure that they have all equipment listed above; we are unable to provide them with anything after you have departed.

Joining Instructions

Joining instructions are updated regularly and are specific for each course; a download link will be made available once your booking is confirmed.