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Bunker Bushcraft

We can design you a programme to suit the needs of your school and learner requirements. The programme can be during the school day or as an after school activity, fitting into your term times.

Each session lasts 90 minutes; a full program of what is available can be provided. The program is designed for a maximum of 20 students at any given time.

Green space at schools can sometimes be an issue; therefore you can come to us at our woodland in Zeals. We do insist that the School conducts a pre-visit to the site to discuss its safe use, review our current risk assessment and have a look at our site facilities such as toilets and hand washing stations. Alternatively, I can deliver my Bushcraft Lessons in a much smaller space than you would imagine and I can come to view a suggested area at your school.

I can design and provide a fire circle at your school that will be central to my instruction, this can either be a permanent structure in the form of logs as seats with a central wooden fire pit, or a temporary feature with stools as seats and portable fire pit that will be erected each week.

If your chosen area is remote from the main school buildings, communications will be maintained by either a current school system or by 2-way radio system provided by myself.

The program includes a range of Bushcraft fundamentals including making and using tools, flora and fauna identification, safely starting fires using primitive and modern fire lighting techniques and wilderness cooking.

Bushcraft does not recognise natures boundaries, whether it be Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, Bushcraft is practiced 365 days of the year. Bushcraft and the skills learnt work hand in hand and can easily cross over with current Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

If your school would like to speak to Neil Anderson about your school getting involved please use THIS form or email Neil Anderson, Director and Training Development Officer at BunkerBushcraft@gmail.com

Alternatively you can reach Neil onĀ 07804451471