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What is Bunker Bushcraft?

Bunker Bushcraft exists to help people of all ages and experience learn and improve their survival skills.

The ethos of the school is one of teaching carefully and patiently, ensuring the highest possible chances of success for students studying the many bushcraft skills we teach.

A unique part of studying with The Bunker Bushcraft School is the free aftercare. Once you have attended a bushcraft course with us we offer free advice and follow up instruction either via email, phone or in person relating to anything you have learnt with us for 2 months after.

This gives the peace of mind knowing that if you have developed a few problems with a specific technique or have forgotten some essential knowledge then you can contact the school for help and if you're in the area and one of the instructors are available you can pop in for some free help! This is of course within reason.

We operate bespoke courses to suit your needs and offer certificates for all our courses.

Perfect for individuals, groups and even corporate team building exercises.


Meet the Team

Dedicated, friendly people passionate about sharing the outdoors.


Neil Anderson

Neil Anderson leads on all matters relating to our Bunker Bushcraft School.