If you are a group of more than ten learners you may choose (subject to availability) any four items from the list below for an AM or PM session. 

Note: Larger groups will need to book well in advance to ensure availability.

  • Knife, Saws and cutting techniques (making pegs, mallets, pot hangers, spoons)
  • Foraging
  • Fire Lighting (including rubbing two sticks together to make fire)
  • Traps and Snares
  • Natural cordage (making string from plants)
  • Fish preparation (this would be your meal preparation)  
  • Shelter building
  • Primitive weapons
  • Damper Bread and Smores (this would be your meal preparation)

Please call Bunker Bushcraft on 07804 451471 to check availability for an AM/PM session for your group.